Picking the Perfect Paint Colours

As the most dominant feature in the room, picking the perfect wall colour for any room can be overwhelming, but we have a few suggestions from the pros that may help you find the perfect colour.
How do you want the room to feel?
Start by picking a feeling or mood for the room. Do you want it to feel serene? Invigorating? Romantic? Comfortable? Formal? All of these moods can be created through the use of paint colour and textures. For serene, try lighter more monochromatic colour schemes. Invigorating; keep it light and fresh with pops of colour. Romantic; add some bold colours, accent wall and a variety of textures. Comfortable; mid-tones and natural colours work well to balance a space. Formal; painting with deep hues adds a striking richness to the room.
Look in your closet
The clothes you buy are a reflection of your taste and style. Look to see what colour of clothing dominates your closet. Or perhaps the colour of your favourite shirt can be a starting point.
Pick a neutral colour from a pattern
Does your sofa or area rug have a pattern? Try matching one of the neutral tones in that piece for your walls.
Keep it simple
Don’t want to paint each room the same colour, but you want to maintain the same feeling throughout your house? Paint the largest room the lightest colour and smaller rooms darker shades of that colour.
Work vertically
As a straightforward recipe for success, use darker hues for you floor, medium hues for the walls and lighter hues for the ceiling. Picking a colour for your walls that is in the middle tone between your flooring and ceiling will help to create a balanced space.
Go big
Stuck on a few colours? Most paint stores will allow you to purchase a small container of paint in the colours of your choice. Take them home and paint a large sample square on your wall. Look at the colour over the course of the day to see how it changes as the light changes. Or how it looks with your furniture and accent pieces. The results may surprise you on which colour looks best in your room.

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